Shimosuwa – home of watches & clocks – on-site watch-making experience event

  • Reservation required/For junior high school students and older

Experience quartz (battery) watch-assembling!

Shimosuwa Konjakukan Oideya Watch and Clock Studio Gishodo, which is in Shimosuwa, Nagano, known as the birthplace of modern watches and clocks in Japan, will hold an on-site watch-assembling experience event! Technicians who once worked with Seiko Epson (formerly Suwa Seikosha) will give detailed and easy-to-understand instructions!
Watches and clocks are always in our lives. Watch-assembling techniques of Suwa will be shared.
The experience involves some precision work, including attachment of the hands to the ready-made movement, inserting it inside the case and attachment of the band.
You can take home the watch you make. Please participate in this event!
Quartz (battery) watch-assembling experience
Time: 14:30~16:00
Fee: 11,000 yen (incl. tax)
Two watch face colors are selectable. Please specify which one you want in the remarks column of the application form below.
(1) Navy watch face (2) White watch face

  • 開催日2023年11月11日(土)
  • 時間14:30~16:00
  • 定員6(first-come-first-served basis) * For junior high school students and older
  • 参加費11,000 yen (incl. tax)
  • お問い合わせNagano Prefecture Sales Bureau/Ad-Commercial Co., Ltd. TEL 026-235-7249
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