Would you like to share the “happiness” of Shinshu?

Shuichi Abe, Governor of Nagano

Our “happiness” here is Shinshu is represented by all of the things we hold valuable. These valuable attributes include the vast nature defined by the glorious 3,000 meter high mountains, the culture, tradition and uniqueness that lives in each of the 77 towns and villages, the healthy food culture and lifestyle that rewards us with the highest rate of longevity in Japan, and the impressive experiences of hospitality on the slopes and in our precious hot springs.
It is our wish to share this happiness that is born of beauty and health to as many people as possible. This is why we created the “Ginza NAGANO – Happiness Shinshu Share Space -”
It is our hope that through encounters here, many people can experience the appeal of the “people” “activities” and “products” of Shinshu, and treat them as treasures.

Shuichi Abe
Governor of Nagano